About the project

When the development team feels overwhelmed, one of the natural reactions is to establish a lot of process to slow things down. I have worked at places where even the most simple of changes required a change request form to be filled out (on paper, of course), in triplicate, physically disseminated, agreed upon, cross-signed by managers, and after all of that, there was still a 45-day minimum time until the work was to be done! Needless to say, this organization was not seen as a ‘partner’ or an ‘important lever for getting work done’ in the business, they were seen as a cost center and treated as such. The wall of process is typically a stopgap measure to deal with deeper issues in the process or company’s culture, and while it is easier to put up the wall than to deal with those issues (and in some companies, the issues are irreconcilable), the wall of process is counterproductive and leads to a hostile environment.